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Full Truckload Transportation

Akfet Logistics provides fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to its customers with full truckload transportation services.

Road Transportation

Akfet Logistics, one of the leading companies in road transportation in Turkey, stands out with its industry experience and reliability.

National Transportation

Akfet Logistics provides fast, reliable, and efficient solutions nationwide with its national transportation services throughout Turkey


Akfet Logistics operates in the logistics industry with years of experience. Our expert staff produces the best solutions for all the needs of our customers by providing professional service at every stage of the logistics processes.

We have a wide service network nationally and internationally. As Akfet Logistics, we have the capacity and infrastructure to meet all your transportation needs. We deliver your cargo safely and on time with the various options we offer in land, sea, air and rail transportation.

We manage our logistics processes with the latest technology. Thanks to our advanced tracking systems, you can track where your shipments are at all times and make sure they reach their destination safely. We offer a transparent service to our customers with the online tracking and reporting systems we offer.

Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us. By developing solutions specific to your needs, we offer you flexible and effective logistics services. By collaborating with you at every step, we make your logistics processes more efficient.

We optimize your costs by offering quality service at competitive prices. We provide budget-friendly solutions with our flexible pricing policy in line with market conditions.

We are aware of our responsibility to the environment with sustainable logistics practices. By adhering to green logistics principles, we offer transportation solutions that minimize environmental impacts. As Akfet Logistics, we are here to offer perfect solutions to your logistics needs. Choose us for reliable, fast and economical logistics services and take your business one step further.








We provide first-class logistics services worldwide.

With years of experience and expertise in the field of logistics, we offer fast and reliable solutions specific to the needs of your business. We facilitate your business processes and reduce your costs with our global transportation, storage, customs clearance and distribution services.

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